Blake Rainey is a songwriter caught between traditions—those of the Southern folk storyteller (he’s a native north Georgian with roots deep in Atlanta’s indie music scene), and that of the scrappy-smart rock underdog spitting intelligent lyrics over jangly guitars that he cut his teeth and broke in his first Telecaster idolizing.  

Helicopter Rose is Rainey's 2nd full-length release with the quartet Blake Rainey & His Demons, which follows two quiet, eponymous releases and the fist-pumping albums of his other outfit, The Young Antiques. This newest nine songs pulls from both of these worlds Blake lives so well in, mixing folk music and barroom country with vintage-rock and punk sensibilities overlaid with pedal steel, organ, and Memphis-style horns.  Listen to the title track:

Helicopter Rose drops on the Southern Lovers label in early December, kick-started by a show at the EARL on Atlanta's east side. It'll be a little pre-Christmas gift that mines and meld a rich American musical landscape into a modern sound we all recognize as comfortably ours in the U.S.—something that is heart-on-the-sleeve, a little proud, and a little conflicted. Pre-order the whole soundscape of love, loss and loner literature here.


Vents Magazine sat down with Blake a while back to ask about the new album, the title (Helicopter Rose), the recording process, and what he's learned in his 15+ year career in music:

"I’ve learned, the hard way, to do only what feels right in your gut and don’t put up with anyone else’s shit. It’s also a good idea to surround yourself with people more talented than yourself who also have a positive and encouraging attitude. The older I get, it’s harder to find folks with good attitudes who you can trust. Entertainment is a dog of a business."

Read the entire interview here.

 Helicopter Rose comes out in full 12/8/16 with an album release at the EARL in Atlanta, but you can pre-order a digital or fancy, transparent red vinyl copy at the Southern Lovers web store. Do it now, and you won't even have to wait for your copy: we'll ship it out TODAY. Merry early Christmas.


Thanks to 'Nooga Magazine for their well-thought review of Blake Rainey & His Demons' Helicopter Rose and the first single, "Trouble on Holiday." "It's what you'd get if Tom Petty and Nick Lowe sat down together to write a song steeped in the perspectives of someone who's spent their whole life in the Deep South."

Hear the track on

 Helicopter Rose comes out in full 12/8/16, but you can pre-order a digital or fancy, transparent red vinyl copy at the Southern Lovers web store.


Blake Rainey & His Demons' newest album, Helicopter Rose, doesn't drop until early December, but you can listen to the first track, "Trouble on Holiday," thanks to Glide Magazine. It's a rocker, and according to the online music magazine, "checkered with smart wordplay and sharp storytelling in the tradition of (Rainey's) legendary influences...a track that maintains a modern urgency, while keeping its footing with the indie credibility of Hüsker Dü and The Posies." Yep - that about covers it. Thanks for the write-up, Glide! 

Hear the track on Glide's website.

 Helicopter Rose comes out in full 12/8/16, but you can pre-order a digital or fancy, transparent red vinyl copy at the Southern Lovers web store.


A while back, The Jam in the Van crew stopped by the (sadly now defunct) Thunderbox Studios and recorded some farewell-to-everyone's-practice-space tunes by ATL players. Blake performed a couple, and the above video is a favorite. 

Get The Angels Were Wrong About Her on Blake Rainey & His Demons' 2015 release Love Don't Cross Me.